Spring 2018 Products and Prices*

Housing dates for AUP spring 2018 semester are:

Check-in: January 8, 2018
Checkout: May 17, 2018

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Prices include: high-speed wireless internet, utilities allowance, government fees and mandatory renters' insurance, as well as:

  • Approximately 15 sqm / bed in a Shared Apartment
  • Between 2-8 students per apartment (most have 4-5)
  • One bathroom for every 4-5 students
  • Approximately 30 minutes (or less) from campus by mass transit
  • Fully-outfitted kitchens, including dishes and basic appliances (no dryers or dishwashers)
  • English-speaking, on-call maintenance service is provided

Additional charges apply for longer stays, when such extensions are possible. All spaces require a Refundable Security Deposit. AUP administrative charges may apply.

Standard Shared Bedroom Space (our most popular option):

  • €3,400 per semester, all-inclusive

Standard Single Space in a Shared Apartment (privacy without isolation):

  • €6,040 per semester, all-inclusive**

Comforts Options (per student)

Comforts Services (weekly cleaning service & bi-weekly linen change):

  •  €800 supplement per semester**

Preferred Location + Comforts Services**

A limited number of spaces within an approximate 30-minute walk from campus. These spaces ALSO INCLUDE all the benefits of Comforts Services, above):

  • €3,150 supplement per semester**

Super-Close Location + Comforts Services**

In addition to the Preferred Location choice described above, we have a very few spaces in select apartments that are Super-Close to AUP, meaning these apartments are within an approximate 15-minute walk of AUP campus.

This charge for these locations is an additional supplement above the cost of our regular Preferred Location charge.

  • €4,950 supplement per semester**

We have a limited supply of Super-Close beds for spring 2018!

Please note that spaces in Super-Close apartments require a refundable security deposit of 1,700€. In addition to the normal €850 security deposit, you will be asked to provide an additional €850 Super-Close security deposit supplement for the duration of your stay.

Summary* room prices


These costs represent total payments for each category of accommodation before discounts associated with early payment. So, these prices don't include:

  • One-time refundable security deposit of €850 per resident for Standard and Preferred location apartments and 1700€ per resident for Super-Close apartments (refundable with 60 days of the scheduled checkout date less any documented damages or sanctions)
  • Residential Program Contingency fees of €40 for the spring semester (non-refundable)

Remember that Comforts Services are already included in Preferred and Super-Close location category costs! If you pick these categories, you don't have to pay extra for these services.

Last, when you register and begin payment, you'll find options to pay for these categories on a semester basis, or in three installments per semester.

Spring 2018 payment deadlines and installment plan***

In order to avoid late payment fees, you must pay prior to the dates outlined in the schedule below. Accordingly, our payment pages offers the option to pay in identical installments corresponding to these dates. If you wish to avoid payment processing fees, note that you must pay for the semester in full in advance, as is outlined below.

Payment Deadlines

If you are an AUP loan-approved student, please get in contact with your AUP admissions counselor for payment instructions.

  • 1/3 of the Spring semester's accommodation price, plus the €850 Security Deposit are due by October 30 (or within 7 days if you confirm your attendance after October 30.) If you have chosen Comforts Services, Preferred Location (includes Comforts Services), or Super-Close Location (includes Comforts Services), the full amount of the corresponding supplements for the semester are also due at this time. 
  • 1/3 of the Spring semester's accommodation price is due by November 30.
  • 1/3 of the Spring semester's accommodation price is due by December 30.

Please note: There is a €100 Late Payment Fee assessed for any payment received after the above-mentioned dates. We will begin to process your application only once all the relevant fees are received. 

Cards accepted:


Available Discounts

Fees above do not include any AUP administrative fees such as the Residential Program Contingency Fee. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact us at paris.registration@get-comfortable.com for more details about bank wires or ACH transfers.

French ("CAF") housing subsidy

Students who obtain a "carte de sejour" and who don't have a high income may qualify for a French government housing subsidy granted by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (commonly called the "CAF subsidy"). The CAF is the sole entity that determines whether you qualify and how much the subsidy will be, AUP's Housing Office can provide you with additional information on how to apply for this. Please contact housing@aup.edu.

Spring 2018 housing assignment

Comforts of Home takes into account all applicants' preferences of housing type, roommates, and other aspects of their housing. We use these preferences as a guide, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet them in your housing assignment.

Your housing assignment will arrive approximately two weeks before the start of AUP Orientation: plenty of time to get a virtual “feel” for the area and meet your roommates. 

What's next? Click here to reserve your space. When we receive your registration, we'll send you an email with instructions about next steps.


* Prices are based on the school semester. Extra charges apply for staying beyond checkout, when possible. Payments are made in euros. Base prices are subject to an additional 10€/month charge for the AUP Housing Fund.
** While available. (COP options are available on a limited basis, with priority given to full-year students. If we can't satisfy your request we will refund any supplements paid. Standard Apartments are within an approximate 30-minute metro and/or bus ride from campus.
*** Prices are based on the school semester. Extra charges apply for staying beyond checkout, when possible. Payments are made in euros. Base prices are subject to an additional 10€/month charge for the AUP Housing Fund.

Some of these fees are non-refundable. You can view our Refund / Cancellation policy here.