The Housing Process

AUP commits to providing all of its first-year, transfer, and visiting students with an American-style, shared housing experience. We do everything we can to make the housing process easy. Here's how it works!



After confirming your attendance with AUP, you can reserve your spot. We'll send you an email welcoming you to Comforts of Home with a link to our online student portal where you can choose your housing options. After confirming your accommodation selections in the online portal, you will be able to make your first payment.


Fill out your COH Housing Preferences Survey (we'll send this to you 1-2 months before your arrival). We'll use this to match you to an apartment and/or roommate that's right for you. We make every effort to figure out your preferences and match you with someone with whom you'll have a good year.

We'll send you your apartment assignments and apartment-mate contacts at least two weeks before check-in and the start of AUP's Orientation.

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Upon arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport, AUP will arrange for transportation via shuttle to AUP's campus. For more information, contact

When you arrive, you'll register and receive added information about your housing, as well as an envelope with your key. You can get to your apartment on your own, or we'll provide a shuttle for you and your luggage. We'll have plenty of staff members and AUP student volunteers to make sure everything goes smoothly. An AUP greeter will be at your apartment waiting for you!