Practical Pre-Arrival Tips

Unlocking your phone

Most students coming to Paris get a phone plan from a French operator during their stay. French operators include Orange, SFR, Free, as well as many smaller operators.

To be able to use your phone in France with a French SIM card, it’s important that you first unlock your phone. We recommend doing this before your arrival! If you purchased your phone through your mobile provider, you may need to contact them in order to unlock your phone.

Receiving mail and packages

If you want to send anything to Paris before your arrival or order anything beforehand, the most reliable way to get your packages is to have them shipped to the AUP mailing address for students.

The student can contact the housing department at AUP ( to find out their mailbox number.

The mailing address is:

Student Name, American University of Paris
102 rue saint Dominique, (add mailbox number)
75007 Paris

Important documents

Students will need copies of their passports and visas (if they need one) for many things in Paris. We recommend scanning these documents, and any other personal papers you think might be important, before your departure so you can print them off easily. Scans will also be helpful in the event of a lost passport!